Top Performances at the Hoop Exchange Player Showdown

Scott Golden & Juan Bernal


Precious Lkediashi (6’8, 2018, Victory Rock)- He is incredible around the rim at such a young age and he is great with both hands. He runs the floor, goes straight to the rim and already has a solid skill set. He is nowhere close to his potential, yet so comfortable now.

Kenneth Nwuba (6’10, 2018, ACD)- He is slender, but quite strong and has terrific timing as he was sending balls into the bleachers. He rebounds the ball well and steps out to guard a bit. The boy has crazy athleticism and length and will be a physical specimen in no time at all.

Renaldo Segu- (5’11, 2018, Olympia)- Long PG who attracted a lot of eyes by opening up the game for others with his passing ability and the equal ability to score. He knocks down a jump shot if defenders choose to sag off and overplay his playmaking ability or get to the rim with such creativity. He is all arms and legs, but has unique balance, IQ and strength.

Damon Harge (5’8, 2018, FLVS)- Had a great day aggressively on offense, has an increased arsenal of moves that show off his improved jump shot, ability to get to the rim and keen sense of setting up teammates to score.

Madut Akec (6’5, 2018, Victory Rock)- His raw is another player’s highly skilled. The “IT factor” is just there and his smooth, long scoring & high tempo motor and athleticism is an uncanny resemblance to his sibling Deng Adel who is on his way to Louisville. Madut is a no-brainer to follow in Deng’s footsteps.

Michael Devoe (6’3, 2018, Oak Ridge)- Has the poise of a career veteran at a young age. Handled the ball like a point guard, shot the ball like a knockdown shooter and made plays like the game was on the line. Has a knack for playing effectively by avoiding unnecessary contact and just focusing on finishing which he does in any and every situation. He makes everyone better.

AJ Uzodinma (6’0, 2018, University HS)- Used his long athletic frame to get into the lane in transition and make plays; he’s a bulldog on defense and plays the whole game with humility yet tenacity.










Mayan Kir (6’9, 2017, Victory Rock)- Long, fluid athlete who runs the floor like a deer and has great hands when able to catch the ball in the post or in transition and showed off a variety of moves as it related to putting the ball in the basket. He has tremendous length, uses both hands and rebounds the ball really well and tough.

Darrion Fluker (6’7, 2017, Agape Christian)- Played exceptional against the best the state of Florida had to offer. He finished, rebounded well, altered a bevy of shots and showed great touch around the basket as well as a feel for the game. He is starting to show versatility being able to step out to the elbows and knock down shots.

Andres Feliz ( 6’2, 2017, West Oaks)- A tough as nails guard, who is relentless on the defensive end with his ability to move his feet to create steals and get easy baskets in transition. Offensively he gets to the rim at will, can score with either hand and absorbs contact well with his strong low to the ground base.

Jamal Ellick (6’2, 2017, Monarch HS)- He has a great athletic frame and showed a keen eye for the game; he knows exactly what to do and gives you a little of everything, he gets to the line and is very unselfish but his forte is definitely his midrange and deep range jump shot.

Jamal Clayton (6’3, 2017, Eastside HS)- If he went unseen, you weren’t watching! He made a play every trip down the floor whether it was a tip, steal, gathering a loose ball, blocking a shot, contesting a dunk, finishing with a big dunk on the other end, knocking down shots, attacking the lane, defending full court…and I could go on!

Kimani Binder (6’3, 2017, Evans)- Prototypical athlete who is starting to carve out a niche offensively. Showed his ability to finish well at the basket with contact and used his athletic frame to make plays at both ends; he actually loves defense and his shot is definitely becoming a threat.

Jacob Newman (6’3, 2017, Heritage Christian)- We were unsure how he would compete, but he rose to the occasion and was incredible. Shot the ball at a good clip from the outside, really did a terrific job of making decisions and played the passing lanes really well. He is a pure PG with deceptive athleticism and a wide frame.

Brion Whitley (6’4, 2017, Sarasota Christian)- His development on his jump shot was quite noticeable. His efficiency is off the charts and he is getting tremendous lift with range. This to go along with his already cemented status as a terrific slasher with a great athletic frame and terrific IQ.

Stanley Henderson (6’5, 2017, Morrow HS)- He epitomizes a multi-purpose player. He is so strong, so athletic and so confident with everything he does. One great play after another around the basket on both ends (blocks shots, creative finisher and rebounds everything) and don’t be deceived; he is a highly skilled wing.

Jordan Wright (6’5, 2017, Dillard HS)- His potential is through the roof as an all-around player, but in the meantime he is one of the most natural scorers in the state. He just finds every way to put the ball in the basket. He has great quick feet and hands and a solid frame to go through defenders. When he is not attacking bodies he uses his athleticism to go around or over.

Malik William (6’7, 2017, Dr. Phillips)- A physical specimen who is still growing and just gets it defensively. Blocked or altered everything in sight with a wingspan for days and unmatched timing. Offensively he knows what he does best on the court and because of it he is highly efficient. When he shoots, he scores; when he passes, a teammate scores.

Shawn Wade (6’3, 2017, Trinity Christian)- While Shawn is a standout on the gridiron, it is clear that he has the ability to transcend his versatility onto the basketball floor at the same high level. Whether it’s defending smaller guards, or bigger posts; or attacking the basket with relentless ferocity, commanding his team, an IQ you don’t typically see from an athlete of that caliber; the kid is a stud PG, no other way to describe it.

Kevin Buckley (6’4, 2017, Winter Park)- Buckley is very talented, and this weekend he put it all together by showing tenacity in getting to the basket and displaying his mid-range pull up game on a dime. He has also vastly improved his understanding of the game, which will only help moving forward.

Chaundee Brown (6’5, 2017, Dr. Phillips)- Showed his much improved handles and his great new form on his jump shot to compliment his existing ability to get to the rim anytime and finish at a highly efficient rate over anybody. He has put on probably 12 pounds of straight muscle and uses it on the glass and in the lane. Showed a vast array of moves that should help as he will inevitably blow up on the circuit this summer.

Wyatt Wilkes (6’7, 2017, Winter Park)- Shot the ball well and used his improved footwork and added strength to get off any shot that he wanted. Also passed the ball exceptionally and has an incredible IQ in such a young player. He has a great mix of athleticism and skill and plays with an efficient motor. He just knows how to turn it up a notch when necessary.

Dwight Wilson (6’8, 2017, Lincoln HS)- He is a super athletic shot blocker with a great strong frame and terrific hands. He is good off the dribble attacking the lane and finishing. He plays with a high level motor and just goes out and makes plays without any concern for who is in his way.

Deandre Osuigwe (5’9, 2017, IMG)- It is hard not to love his game. He plays with such a desire to be great on every play. Super quick PG with great ball skills, a sense for making guys better and can knock down shots anytime he finds his openings. The best part of his game was his dedication to shut down opposing guards on the defensive side of the ball.

Louis Dorsey (6’6, 2017, First Coast HS)- He has a big football frame and uses it for good…Basketball! While he is good around the rim, has terrific footwork and can guard just about anyone, he is a flat out wing with a great sense of the game and a really good skill set. He handled it well, shot it well and delivered pinpoint passes. Bigtime upside and it will be fun to watch what role he carves out for himself on the floor over the years.

Emmanuel Lambright (6’6, 2017, Sarasota Christian)- He has a solid strong frame and deceptive athleticism and a good IQ. He is soft spoken, but that does not show on the court as he beams confidence shooting the ball from all areas of the court.

RaiQuan Gray (6’7, 2017, Dillard HS)- When he walks in the gym it is easy to gather a perception of a bruiser when you take a look at his frame, but he is a smooth finesse player. We were so impressed with his level of skill. He shoots the ball really well and finds his spots on the floor. No question he can put up big numbers across the stat sheet.

Derek Webster (6’6, 2017, Seffner Christian)- He was the ultimate team guy on Saturday, the epitome of a do-it-all guy. He has intimidating size and uses it to the basket and on the offensive glass for extra points in his stat sheet. He can defend any position at this point and seems willing to fill any role on the floor.

DJ Russell (6’7, 2017, Potters House)- He is a bruising small forward with a plethora of athleticism. He was deemed a prodigy at a young age and he is living up to all the hype. Every time we see him he is just flat out better in a new area. Easy to see he loves the game and is working toward his goals. He has instincts to score in the lane and a solid skill set to do so.

Emmanuel Dowuona (6’11, 2017, Westwood Christian)- Probably the highlight of the day was this big, long specimen with a TON of skill and an incredible feel for the game. He passed it, handled it well enough to make plays, shot it with great touch, blocked shots and had a wide array of post moves in his young arsenal. Enormous hands and just gobbled up boards all day long. Upside off the charts!










Christian Jackson (5’7, 2016, Victory Rock Prep)- A quintessential PG who every player dreams to play with. Along with his great IQ, he is an unflappable ball handler, terrific passer and shoots it deep. He is so quick with or without the ball and causes havoc defending on the ball.

Keon Clergeot (6’0, 2016, Auburndale)- The more we see him, the more dimensions he adds to his game. His jump shot was as fluid as it has ever been. His bounce and anticipation to create easy baskets and finish with authority was unparalleled by any guard throughout the weekend.

Tyree Crump (6’2, 2016, Bainbridge HS)- If there was one player who had a magic wand in his hand when we saw him, it was Tyree Crump. When he wanted to score, he’d score, it was just a matter of how. When he wanted to create, he hit the open man for a shot. When he wanted to defend, it usually resulted in a stop or a turnover and an ensuing basket. And all while he plays as hard as anyone on the court and is shooting the ball with unreal confidence.

Deriante Jenkins (6’5, 2016, West Oaks)- Scored whenever he wanted at all three levels. Has become an increasingly effective catch and shoot scorer to go along with his impressive driving ability. He understands the concept of moving the ball in transition so everyone looks good and with his motor he always come out looking best.

Evan Hinson (6’5, 2016, Deltona)- His change of speed was terrific and showed off some new PG skills with his ability to see the floor in transition. This season as a primary scorer with the ball in his hands was obviously hugely helpful for his overall game. And yes he still scores it well and shows his athleticism any chance he gets.

Patrick Eugene (6’6, 2016, Pines Charter)- Athletic combo forward whose footwork and post-moves have improved noticeably in the last few months. Used that improvement to put points on the board and he rebounds at a really high rate. His best attribute is that he clearly will NEVER back down from anyone. Loves the challenge.

Damon Williams ( 5’11, 2016, ACD)- Bulldog PG who is a bowling ball getting into the lane and creating opportunities for everyone on the floor. He is a guy who you can rely on with the game on the line. It is easy to see his natural and learned ability to control and possess the ball with the game on the line.

Anfernee Munnings (6’1, 2016, Lake Placid HS)- Continues to get better and develop on his scoring abilities. This weekend he showed that he has improved his left hand and can change speeds effectively going to the basket. He has always been a good passer and tenacious defender. That was still in full effect.

Gorjak Gak (6’11, 2016, Victory Rock)- Gorjak used his size, length and strength to get any position on the court he wanted, and was able to use a repertoire of post moves to score effectively. He also runs the floor really well, has a great feel for the game and tremendous skill in transition. He is the next great big wing as time is on his side.

Aubrey Washington (5’11, 2016, University Christian)- He came in wide eyed and left a seasoned vet. He scores the ball at a really high rate both using his tremendous speed to the rim and taking shots off a dime. He plays defense with no care for who he is guarding. Just a tough kid with a ton of heart.

Richardson Maitre (6’3, 2016, West Oaks)- Turned into an aggressive scoring machine during the latter part of the day, using his unstoppable mid-range jump shot at will. He possesses an uncharted amount of tenacity and scoring depth from inside the arc and can lock down on defense anytime he wants with his athleticism and length.

Peter Kiss (6’4, 2016, Victory Rock) - Very skilled, versatile player who is a top-level athlete (wind-milled and did a between the legs the dunk in the same game), and showed some moxie on both ends of the floor.

Thomas Dziagwa (6’4, 2016, Tampa Catholic)- Shot the ball really efficiently all day. He has good size, tons of confidence, possesses a good knowledge of the game. It is quite apparent he is the son of a coach. He is very capable at either guard spot. Has current offers from UNF, Texas Rio Grande Valley and heavy interest from JU, Columbia, Davidson, Bucknell and Air Force.

Pro Wells (6’4, 2016, St. Pete HS)- Showed off his improved shot to add to his dunking prowess. Although he gets pigeonholed for his athleticism, he always looked comfortable on the floor with his ability to make good decisions despite the frenetic pace that was being played. He is a terror on defense with his football build and just plays harder than everybody else.

Tre Clark (6’4, 2016, Palmetto)- His constant development every couple months has been such a bright spot and it has all come together. He has filled in physically and he really scored the ball well from all three levels as his shot is so fluid, and used his length and athleticism to create scoring for himself as well as others. To go along with blocking shots, locking up the perimeter on defense and finishing at the rim. We look forward to the next huge jump this spring.

Collin Smith (6’9, 2016, Bolles)- Has really improved his passing ability, and showed a great general feel for the game. He is super long and contests everything in the lane. He handles and makes good decisions in transition. It is still all coming together but clear to see how good he will be within 12 months.

Bamba N’Diaye (6’10, 2016, The Rock School)- Really skilled big man who doesn’t get sped up and makes good decisions. He showed solid post moves and good discipline on both ends of the floor. Incredible length blocking shots and rebounding the ball. And sees the floor for a great outlet pass which he follows sprinting up the floor.

Leandro Allende (6’5, 2016, Chaminade Madonna)- He is always smooth, calculated and highly skilled, but on Sunday he was aggressive with the ball and took a backseat to no one. He scored from every area of the floor while playing amongst the team as he always does.

Mario Kegler (6’7, 2016, ACD)- He was a power player who was a tornado when he came rolling down the lane. When he wasn’t because of a double or triple team, he showed improved passing skills and unselfishness by getting other teammates involved. He played as hard as we had ever seen him and with desire to show why he is among the best. If Kegler was on your team Sunday, you won your games.

Darius Hicks (6’8, 2016, Ribault HS)- With sheer power and speed he ran the floor rim to rim and settled into great position to own the lane. He is a high-rising powerful athlete and plays with a ton of energy.

Trevor Goodrum (6’4, 2016, Blanche Ely) - Showed his improved jumper throughout the course of the day. Has also improved his body, which shows on both ends. We were excited he took a day out to join us after completing an undefeated season and state championship the day prior with the nationally-ranked Ely Tigers. Shows his love for the game.


Jonathan Laurent (6’6, 2015, Dr. Phillips)- Has transformed his game more than anyone in the last two years. At this point in 2013, he was known as a showtime dunker. One of the best available players in the country, he is a really good jump shooter, a skilled passer, and a bulldog defender at four positions While he is a wing, he creates so many mismatches with his good footwork, length, huge hands and ability to rebound and score at the rim.

Cortez Edwards (6’1, 2015, Osceola) - Continued his incredible momentum from a state final run using his speed to get into the lane and finish in a variety of ways. His jump shot is fascinating as it has improved daily and that addition has garnered him some Division I interest.

(He will visit Southern Miss on March 19th –also interest from Ga Southern, Charl Southern & Tenn Tech)

Quinton Forrest (6’4, 2015, West Orange)- Just a flat out pit bull, who looked like a football player out there in his ability to get wherever he wanted on the floor and score the ball with relative ease. He is a super athlete and the ball always seems to find him-great awareness and instincts.

Elijah Farley (5’8, 2015, Winter Park) - Another player who has improved tremendously as the season has gone along. Kid showed flashes of all facets of his game that ranged from dogging opposing PG’s man to man down the court, consistently finding teammates for open shots or hitting jumpers off a dime when necessary. He has unreal strength with the ball and a true winning mentality.

Rosemond Alexis (6’0, 2015, Auburndale) - Showed off his versatility in a variety of ways. He is a LOCKDOWN defender with a HUGE chip on his shoulder. He has tremendous athleticism playing well above the rim and has developed into a really good shooter and general scorer.

Gerrell Dickson (6’7, 2015, TFA)- Diamond in the rough, who can guard three positions effectively and showed his ability to face up and score 15 feet and in at a consistent clip on Sunday. He takes advantage of his truly unparrelled athleticism and bounce. Crazy shot blocker, bigtime rebounder and fun to watch around the rim. One school will be very happy with him next season.

Dejean Ellebb (6’7, 2015, Liberty HS)- The versatile wing has improved in every facet of the game. He used his length as a strength attacking the basket and saw the floor well creating for others.



ESPN Article: Five observations: Hoop Exchange Player Showdown 

By Reggie Rankin | ESPN Insider

ORLANDO, Fla. -- The Hoop Exchange Player Showdown, under the leadership of Scott Golden and Brad Winton, featured some of the best talent the Sunshine State has to offer. Day 1, the freshmen and sophomores put their talent on display, and Day 2, the juniors and seniors took center stage.

1. Most love for the game:

Antonio Blakeney
2015, SG, 6-foot-4, 185 pounds
Orlando, Florida/Oak Ridge, 2015 McDonald's All American Selection, Committed: LSU

Blakeney simply loves to play and always is seeking out a run. This event was no different. The five-star shooting guard knocked down deep jumpers both uncontested and contested and displayed excellent athleticism on the break while competing on both ends of the floor.

2. Event's best available:

John Laurent
2015, SF, 6-foot-6, 190 pounds
Orlando, Florida/Dr. Phillips, Offers: Rutgers, Alabama, Georgia, Georgia Tech Interest: West Virginia, Maryland, Missouri

Laurent is a strong and physical wing who is explosive in transition, where he can finish with power. He is a good straight-line driver and has improved his perimeter jumper and knocks it down consistently when shot-ready. Laurent also has the ability to defend both wing positions. He is a good rebounder and perimeter shot blocker as well. With continued focus, aggressiveness and skill development, Laurent will be a solid and productive player on the college level.

3. Most explosive scorer

Tyree Crump
2016, SG, 6-foot-2, 170 pounds, Bainbridge, Georgia
Committed: Georgia

The only prospect from the state of Georgia at the event was Crump, who is an attacking guard who plays hard, competes and has a knack to score. He gets to the rim and knocks down deep 3s. He is a big-time rhythm scorer, and when he is in rhythm, look out. He has acrobatic finishes on the break and can beat his defender off the bounce or simply elevate over him. He has a short memory on misses. Crump is a good open-court passer as well. He can help at the point but must work on his lead guard skill set. This young fella has passion for the game and is productive on the offensive end and capable of big numbers in a short period of time.

4. Most versatile:

De'Riante Jenkins
2016, SG, 6-foot-5, 180 pounds
Orlando, Florida/West Oaks Academy, Offers: Clemson, South Florida, Houston, Virginia Tech, East Carolina

Jenkins is a matchup nightmare on the perimeter. The Orangeburg County, South Carolina, native can excel at the shooting guard, small forward and the point guard position in a pinch with his excellent feel for the game. Jenkins can create and facilitate from the wing. He is a crafty finisher with either hand on the break and can finish above the rim with flare. He is a smooth slasher to the rim as well. He knocks down open jumpers when his feet are set and will not hesitate to give it up and get a teammate involved with his on-time and on-target passing ability that he displays with great touch. Jenkins will need to add strength but with continued focus and development, this kid is capable of big things at the college level.

5. Biggest surprise

Tre Clark
2016, SG, 6-foot-5,185 pounds
Palmetto, Florida
Interest: Marshall, Oklahoma State

Clark is a true shooting guard with good size and matching athleticism. His game is highlighted by his smooth mid-range game. He can stop on a dime and pull up and snap off a jumper with an excellent release, follow through and elevation. He shoots over smaller defenders and can straight-line drive and finish above the rim. Clark also is a good passer when he a draws a second defender. We really like his ability to knock down shots on a consistent basis throughout the weekend.


Underclassmen to watch:

Mayan Kiir
2017, PF, 6-foot-9, 215 pounds
Brandenton, Florida/Victory Rock Prep, Offers: Louisville

Kiir is an extra-long and athletic forward who possesses great mobility. He runs the floor extremely well and attacks the basket where he finishes above the rim with power. He has nice touch deep in the lane and out to about 15 feet. He is an excellent rebounder and shot-blocker and plays with passion and confidence. Kiir competes and has off-the-charts upside.

Ronaldo Segu
2018, PG, 5-foot-10, 130 pounds
Orlando, Florida/Olympia

This quick, true point guard has talent, excellent basketball instincts and feel for the game. Segu is a good advance passer and delivers the ball on the money in drive, draw and kick or drop-off situations. He has a deadly floater with great touch and body control and did a nice job of hitting the rhythm dribble jumper with range to the arc. He will have to add strength and work on not over dribbling but this kid has all the tools but be an excellent Division 1 lead guard with continued improvement.

Emmanuel Dowuona
2018, PF/C 6-foot-11, 212 pounds
Miami, Florida/Westwood Christian

This extra-long and athletic post has only been in the United States from Ghana for seven months. Dowuona competes on both ends of the floor. His defense right now is ahead of his offense because of his shot-blocking and ability to contest shots from anywhere on the floor. Dowuona has good touch in the lane and does a great job passing out when he feels pressure from multiple defenders. He is still learning how to play and his game is still very much under construction, but he has tremendous upside.

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