Hoop Exchange Spring Player Showcase Recap 9th/10th Grade

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Here is a look at many of the top performers from the Hoop Exchange Spring Player Showcase (9th/10th grade) in March. 

Aristide Boya, 2019 Miami Calusa Prep, 7’1: Young, but loaded with potential.  He defends the rim, runs the floor, and gives great effort on each possession.  Already has some basic scoring tools in the post.

Leonard Manuel, 2020 Ocala Vanguard, 6’5: A tremendous dual sport athlete (football WR).  He is an excellent finisher above the rim in both transition and half-court sets.  Defenders have a tough time keeping him away from the basket when he chooses to put the ball on the floor and attack.

Miller Lewis, 2020 Ocala Vanguard, 6’5: An athlete with a solid frame, he competes very well against bigger players on the glass.  Lewis shows excellent instincts for offensive rebounds and putbacks.  He also displays a reliable jump shot out to fifteen feet.

Tyrus Jackson, 2019 Sarasota Riverview, 6’3: Jackson is a solid shooter from the perimeter.  He also shows good athleticism and an ability to finish off drives at the basket.  When given the opportunity, Jackson pushes the pace with the ball and makes good decisions on the move.

Crisnel Francois, 2020, Riviera Beach Suncoast, 6’1: He has the ability to play both guard spots and is solid in both roles.  Francois is a good athlete and has a solid frame which will allow him to add strength without sacrificing quickness as he matures.  He makes good decisions with the ball on the move and he can knock down jump shots out to the arc.

Cesar Barrios, 2019, Orlando Freedom, 6’0: Barrios shows excellent lateral quickness and foot speed on the defensive end.  Offensively, he looks to get others involved.  Barrios is aggressive in taking the ball to the basket and makes some tough finishes through contact in traffic.

Scott Barnes, 2020, West Palm Beach Cardinal Newman, 6’7: This youngster is ultra-productive.  Barnes is very skilled with a high basketball IQ.  He can play any position on the court effectively.  Barnes often brings the ball up the floor and initiates the offense.

Malachi Wideman, 2020, Sarasota Riverview, 6’5: Wideman combines great athleticism with a never-ceasing motor to get things done on the court.  He excells in transition and routinely finishes above the rim.  Wideman is also a willing defender and often takeson the other team’s best player at the defensive end.

Jonthy Candelario, 2020, Orlando Christian Prep, 6’3: He makes the most of the opportunities he gets, many of them coming on the offensive glass.  Candelario relentlessly pursues missed shots and scores well around the rim with a soft touch.

Luke Anderson, 2019, Lakeland, 6’8: Anderson is a skilled player which should be expected from the son of a college assistant.  He stretches the floor with his ability to knock down shots from beyond the arc but he can get to the basket off the bounce or score on post-ups.  Anderson is an inside/outside threat and a good rebounder that is quick to outlet the rebound to start the break.

Michael Brooks, 2019, Crescent City, 6’6: A small school standout that shows a lot of promise.  He’s got size and is very active around the basket.  He runs the court well and finishes off plays inside.  Brooks also rebounds the ball at a high rate at both ends of the court.

Zimife Nwokeji, 2019, Tallahassee Maclay, 6’8: Players his age with his diverse skill set are hard to find.  A solid athlete, Nwokeji has good ball skills and is quite comfortable out on the perimeter.  He can make shots out to the arc or put the ball on the floor and finish at the basket.  An impactful rebounder at both ends, he runs the floor well and doesn’t shy away from contact in the paint.

Damari Monsanto, 2019, Hialeah Mater Academy, 6’5: He shows much more than a solid ability to score from beyond the arc.  Monsanto is a much better passer than anticipated and also a solid defender on the ball.  He’s athletic and productive in the rebounding department.

Byron Smith, 2019, Gainesiville P.K. Yonge, 6’2: Capable of playing both guard spots, Smith is at his best when he can push the pace and get into the paint.  He’s a very good run/jump athlete, is fast up and down the court, and finishes well at the end of the break.  Defensively he is solid with good lateral quickness and active hands.

Macarthur Harris, 2020, The Villages, 6’1: He has a solid body and brings a certain toughness to the court, always playing hard and physical.  Harris makes open perimeter shots and does a solid job of completing plays in traffic at the basket.

Isaiah Turner, 2019, Auburndale, 6’8: Turner’s physical attributes really stand out.  He has length, leaps well, runs the floor and plays hard.  Turner has the ability to make open perimeter shots.  He has loads of potential and is just starting to scratch the surface of what he can become.

Josmel Martinez, 2019, Miami Palmetto, 6’6: Martinez competes every play and has a certain toughness about him.  He has good skills, knocks down perimeter shots, and finishes well at the basket.  Martinez successfully battles bigger opponents on the glass more times than not.

Lee Flenor, 2019, Miami Southridge, 6’5: A great athlete with improving perimeter skills, Flenor manufactures points and positive plays by playing hard at both ends of the court.  He excells at grabbing rebounds, running the court in transition, and finishing over the defense at the basket.

Tajhir McCall, 2020, Pensacola Pine Forest, 6’3: First and foremost, McCall is an active and aggressive rebounder at both ends.  He plays bigger than his size and shows a good touch around the rim.  McCall gets many of his points off of putbacks from teammate’s misses.

Sam Griffin, 2019, Miami Norland, 6’2: Griffin has a solid, all-around game and always appears under control.  He coolly hit a game-winner with time running out in his first game of the day.  He has the ability to create his own shot, especially from mid-range, as well as score through traffic and contact at the basket.

Toru Dean, 2019, Miami Southridge, 6’0: Dean impresses with some crafty ball-handling and is a skilled passer.  He makes shots out to the arc but also has the ability to breakdown the defense, get into the lane, and make good shot vs. pass decisions.

Edward Jackson, 2020, Jacksonville Raines, 6’7: Jackson impresses with his high level of effort and athleticism.  He’s a superb rebounder and though he can knock down shots from the outside, Jackson is at his best inside and does a good job scoring on simple post moves.

Isaiah Adams, 2020, Jacksonville Paxon School, 6’5: Adams has the three things that coaches covet: length, athleticism, and skills.  A solid ball-handler and passer, Adams often initiates the offense for his team.  He makes tough baskets in traffic after drives and has the ability to grab defensive rebounds and push the ball in transition.

Marsei Caston, 2019, Miami Calusa Prep: 6’2: A high-level athlete, he impresses with difficult finishes at the basket.  He easily finishes above the rim and defensively harasses the ball handler.

Jordan Hamburger, 2019, Miami Palmetto, 5’9: Hamburger is a shooter deluxe with deep range.  He was 4-5 from beyond the arc in one game.  He competes at both ends of the court and his effort and heart make him quite productive.

Dakota Rivers, 2019, Winter Garden West Orange, 6’7: Active on the glass at both ends, Rivers is long and bouncy.  He runs the floor well and consistently knocks down open shots from the perimeter.

Chantz Williams, 2020, Orange Park Oakleaf, 6’4: An energy guy, Williams has a solid build and very good athleticism for a first year player.  He is an active rebounder and effective scorer near the basket.

Nathan Louis, 2019, Apopka, 6’3: Louis is at his best when he can get out in transition ahead of the defense and/or get to the basket as he does a good job of finishing thru contact.  He plays hard, has long arms, and is an active defender.

Alejandro Ralat, 2019, Boca Raton St. Andrew’s, 5’11: Quick and fast, Ralat is very good at pushing the tempo and advancing the basketball up the floor.  He takes care of the ball and is a good passer.  Ralat also connects on open shots out along the perimeter.

Vadim Clanet, 2019, Daytona Warner Christian, 6’7: A face-up “four”, Clanet knocks down shots off the catch out to the arc.  He rebounds the ball well and is a surprisingly effective passer .

D.J. Henderson, 2019, Tampa Wharton, 6’5: An excellent student that is also an above-average athlete, He is effective as an offensive rebounder and hit shots out to the arc off the catch.

Antwan Walker, 2020, Davenport Ridge Community, 6’1: Walker does a nice job of moving without the basketball and ultimately gets points near the basket.  He also is a very good rebounder for his size.

Wylie Howard, 2019, Lauderdale Lakes Boyd Anderson, 6’10: Howard is long with broad shoulders and continues to improve his athleticism.  He runs the floor, scores inside with basic moves, and does a solid job of protecting the paint.

Reginald Duhart, 2019, Delray Beach Atlantic, 6’7: Duhart has vast potential thanks to his size and skills.  He’s a very good athlete, runs the floor and rebounds in and out of his area.  His shooting range extends to just inside the three point lne.

Tre Mann, 2019, The Villages, 6’2: A lethal shooter from deep, Mann makes those shots off both the catch and the bounce.  He’s an effective driver that finishes well at the rim thru traffic.

Montez Leath, 2019, The Villages, 6’0: An athletic guard, Leath knocks down open shots from beyond the arc.  If overplayed on his shot, he is able to drive the ball to the basket and make plays.

Emmanuel Adedoyin, 2019, Orlando Oakridge, 6’2: Quite athletic, Adedoyin is disruptive at the defensive end with active hands and fast feet.  Very good off the catch from beyond the arc, he is also able to put the ball on the floor and score through contact.

Christopher “C.J.” Walker, 2019, Orlando Christian Prep, 6’8: Walker is an excellent combination of skills and intangibles.  He handles, passes and shoots the ball out to eighteen feet.  Walker finishes above the rim and is an active rebounder at both ends of the court.  He has length and plays with a quiet yet fierce attitude.

Kadeem Wilkes, 2019, 6’1, Delray Beach Atlantic: This lefty is an excellent shooter from deep.  He’s athletic and plays hard at the defensive end as well. 

Marcus Niblack, 2020, 6’0, Wildwood: A crafty ball-handler, Niblack gets into the paint and breaks down the defense seemingly at will.  He is aggressive in attacking the basket and is also a creative passer.

Stephen Merritt, 2019, 6’9, Rockledge: Merritt plays hard and continues to gain strength as his body matures.  He rebounds well on the defensive end and plays physically in the post.

Shawn Barthelemy, 2019, 6’0, Miami Calusa Prep: A strong athlete, Barthlemy impresses with his ability to complete plays at the basket over, around, or through bigger opponents.  Despite his size, he rebounds very well against bigger opponents.

Niven Glover, 2019, 6’4, Orlando Oakridge: Calling Glover “explosive” is an understatement.  He gets to the basket and finishes above the rim regardless of the defense.  Glover continues to make sizable gains in his ability to knock down perimeter shots and handle the basketball versus pressure.

Johnnie Williams, 2019, 6’3, Sarasota Booker: A high-level athlete, Williams is at this best when the pace of the game is uptempo.  He runs the floor swiftly and takes the ball to the basket strong and with aggression.

Jordin Jackson, 2020, 5’8, Jacksonville Impact Christian: Always looking to create for his teammates, Jackson is a crafty passer and solid with the basketball versus pressure.

Jeremiah Tisme, 2019, 6’9, Gainesville: Long and athletic, Tisme runs the floor and protects the rim.  He also has an effective shot from ten feet and in.

Tavian Percy, 2019, 6’5, Miami Palmetto: A sneaky athlete with a solid all-around game, Percy is a playmaker.  He finishes plays at the basket, has a solid jumper to just inside the arc, and does a good job of delivering the basketball to teammates where they can best use it.

Noah Mitchell, 2019, 6’2, Jacksonville Providence: A very good transition player, Mitchell also has a good touch from deep.

Lenzy Hancock, 2020, 6’6 Jacksonville First Coast: Hancock has good size and skills at this stage in his development.  He’s a good rebounder and knocks down open shots along the perimeter.

Alex Rodriguez, 2019, 6’5 Miami Palmetto: A good athlete with a solid build, he plays much bigger than his size.  His jump shot is consistent out to the arc and he rebounds the ball well at both ends.

Hunter Cattoor, 2019, 6’2, Orlando Bishop Moore: Cerebral and skilled, Cattoor is a solid, all-around guard.  An above average athlete, he scores, distributes and defends.  Cattoor has a high hoops IQ and good court vision.

Gervon Dexter, 2020, 6’7, Lake Wales: This first year player shows a lot of promise with a solid body and a take-no-prisoners attitude.  He runs the floor, scores from mid-range and in, and also is a powerful rebounder.

Joshua Scott, 2019, 6’5, Pompano Beach Ely: Scott, as expected coming from a championship caliber program like Ely, is a solid defender and rebounder.  He plays hard at both ends of the floor and is a reliable scorer from fifteen feet and in.

Darin Green, 2019, 6’4, Tampa Wharton: Green has good size for the point guard position.  He’s long, athletic, and a good ball-handler and passer.  He shoots the ball well from inside the arc and defensively he is solid.

Eric Brown, 2020, 6’3, Sebring: Green is a high-level athlete.  He runs the floor, attacks the basket, and finishes well through traffic and contact.

Chris Spenkuch, 2019, 6’7, Miami Norland: He’s long and a bundle of energy.  Spenkuch really attacks he offensive glass.  He’s also fairly athletic and runs the floor well.

Brandon Farmer, 2019, 6’6, Bushnell South Sumpter: Makes his mark as a rebounder at both ends and opportunistic scorer on the break and inside in half-court settings.

Osei Price, 2020, 6’3, Montverde Academy: Fast up and down the floor, Price scores well in transition and also rebounds well against bigger opponents.

Michael Thornton, 2020, 6’3, Bushnell South Sumpter: Has the ability to knock down open shots from behind the three point line as well as put the ball on the floor, get past the defense, and score near the basket.

Michael Chandler, 2020, 5’9, Viera: With a solid build and good speed with the basketball, Chandler gets his teammates involved.  He pushes the pace and hits open shots when given the opportunity.

Jordan Preaster, 2019, 6’4, Orlando Evans: An excellent athlete that plays hard, Preaster is always in attack mode.  He’s dynamic in transition and aggressive in taking the ball to the basket, both on the break and in half-court settings.

Isaiah Kirby, 2019, 6’3, Weston Sagemont: A solid athlete that can handle either guard spot, Kirby is a good shooter, reliable ball-handler, and willing distributor.  He’s also solid on the defensive end with active hands and feet.

Terence McClain, 2019, 6’1, Apopka: McClain is a solid offensive player with deep range on his shot.  He’s a good ball-handler and doesn’t shy away from contact when taking the ball to the basket.  He has long arms and frequently forces bad passes or tips away balls from their intended target.

Seth Coleman, 2019, 6’5, Melbourne Holy Trinity: He has excellent physical tools in terms of wing span, a solid body, and run/jump athleticism.  Coleman is at his best in transition or corralling offensive rebounds and putback buckets.

Nasseem Khalid, 2020, 6’1, Jacksonville First Coast: Advance in both skills and body for a freshman, Khalid does a great job of breaking down the defense and creating for teammates or himself.  He’s solid with the basketball and a crafty finisher at the basket in traffic.  Khalid also likes the challenge of guarding the opposing team’s best perimeter player.

Frank “Tre” Gilliam, 2020, 5’11, St. Petersburg Gibbs: A starter as a freshman for a playoff team, Gilliam does a nice job of controlling the ball and the pace of the game.  He knows when to push or pull back, knocks down open shots out to the arc, and is a willing post passer.





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